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Outdoor Table Tennis Tables

Outdoor Table Tennis Tables For Schools

Choosing an outdoor table tennis table for schools use is surprisingly straight forward, despite having a relatively big range to choose from.

The first decision that your school needs to make is whether or not you’re going to want a rollaway table or static table. Rollaway tables, as the name suggests, can be quickly and easily moved from place to place and can be taken inside when necessary. Static tables on the other hand do not fold away and are left outside permanently, either free standing or bolted to the ground. They can remain outside in all weather conditions and do not need to be covered. This type of table is great for encouraging sport outside of P.E. lessons and before or after school.

If you decide upon a static table, which most schools do, then we would strongly recommend the Cornilleau Pro 510 table tennis table. This is by far the best value for money and thousands have been sold across the UK to Infant, Primary and Secondary Schools as well as Colleges and Universities.

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