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Indoor Table Tennis Tables

Indoor Table Tennis Tables:
This section is dedicated to indoor table tennis equipment we feel is best suited for use in educational and commercial environments.

We have supplied thousands of tables and related ping pong equipment to Schools, Colleges, Universities, Sports Centres, Prisons, Hotels and Holiday Parks etc. Whilst we are obviously willing to supply any of our vast range of tables and accessories, the products shown below are ideal for commercial use.

Whatever your requirement we have table tennis experts on hand to offer help and advice.

To find out about the English Schools Table Tennis Association please click here. 

Further Information About Indoor Table Tennis Tables

When considering an indoor table tennis table for your school itís worth bearing in mind that the thickness of the table top has an effect on the quality of play. The thicker (and sometimes the denser) the table top, the higher and more consistent the bounce will be.

As the price of the table increases, generally speaking so does the thickness of the table top, and in turn, the quality of play. Indoor table tennis tables start with some of the cheaper table tops being 16mm thick, which are designed for occasional home use and will not offer a high enough bounce to be of much use in the long run. These entry-level tables will also be quite flimsy and unlikely to last very long in a school environment. Ultimately this will prove to be a false economy.

There are other areas that are also important when choosing a table tennis table for school use. A good quality table tennis table top is heavy, so you will need to make sure the undercarriage of the table is going to be sturdy enough to take the weight. When buying for a school you also need to think about how the table will be used and treated by the students. The overall strength will be a very important factor in how long the table will last.

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